Objective, verifiable chemical standards form the foundation of the UP grade. Chemical analysis of EVOO has proven to be a fundamental indicator of sensory quality, predictor of perishability, and authenticity of olive oils. UP is the highest quality standard in the world because it utilizes the broadest array of available tests and enforces the strictest limits on all chemical standards.

Ultra Premium Standards


The ultimate endpoint for Ultra Premium is to produce EVOO that has superior and distinguishable taste and sensory characteristics. Therefore, all Ultra Premium EVOOs must pass a panel of skilled tasters, not only being free from defects, but also possessing measurable bitterness, pungency, and fruity qualities.

Taste Panel

  • The Taste Panel must be an industry recognized or certified sensory panel
  • Panel testing must find that the median of defects = 0 and possess the following minimum sensory evaluation scores:
    Fruitiness ≥ 3.5
    Bitterness ≥ 2
    Pungency ≥ 2