Olive Oil Production Requirements

Olive Oil Production

Olive Oil Production Requirements To ensure the highest level of quality olive oil is achieved, the highest quality fruit must be grown and the highest quality production processes utilized throughout the milling facility from beginning to end. These production requirements are based on prior results and therefore represent a set of best practices and guidelines … Read more

Storage and Transportation

Storage Tanks for Olive Oil

Storage and Transportation Although the UP production process ensures quality fruit and quality processes, the EVOO must also be protected from environmental damage during all phases of storage and transportation from tree to bottle. The Fusti and Bottle storage requirements listed below specifically apply to all retail stores offering products carrying the UP Logo Certification. … Read more

Testing and Compliance

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Tesing and Compliance To ensure the highest standards are consistently being met and maintained, a comprehensive testing and compliance program has been developed for UP. From mill to bottle, these testing and compliance procedures mandate traceability and accountability in order to deliver the high standard of UP quality to the end customer. Test Frequency Intial … Read more